We highly value collaboration at CHANGE Leiden. We facilitate collaboration within the lab by sharing materials, data, and code with good metadata and identifying each lab member’s strengths and fields of expertise that they can support others in. We also value larger scale collaboration and work with (inter)national researchers and programs to further advance our knowledge on the adolescent brain and mind. 


We foster transparency by sharing all our materials, data, and code publicly available at least after publication, for instance on DataverseNL, and aim to be as open as possible during the research process, for instance on the Open Science Framework. We list available materials, protocols, and more on our website in the “our resources to share” section below. 


We strive to preregister all our research projects (either publicly or under temporary embargo) on the Open Science Framework. You can find all our available preregistrations on their respective project pages, or in the "our resources to share" section below.  

Data Management

We highly value the FAIR principles in our data management. Our publications are Findable and Accessible in the Leiden University Repository and on the Open Science Framework. We strive to make our materials Interoperable and Reusable by including rich metadata and instructions. 

Open Access

All our publications are Green Open Access through archiving at the Leiden University Repository. We also strive to publish in Gold Open Access journals.

Outreach and Impact

We try to make an impact on society by giving back to the community. Not only do we disseminate our scientific knowledge by giving lectures, writing blogs, making vlogs, and podcasts. We also try to spark the passion for science in children and adolescents by telling them about our work, giving workshops, and inviting them into the lab. You can find these materials in the “our resources to share” section below. 

Our resources to share

Transparency and preregistration

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Open Science Framework pages

Github pages

Data management

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Github pages

  • Qoala-T/QC: A supervised-learning tool for quality control of FreeSurfer segmented MRI data

Github pages of individual CHANGE members

Open Access

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Leiden University Repository

All our scientific publications are self-archived at the Leiden Repository. If you can't find the publication you are looking for through our publications tab, please try here.

Outreach and Impact

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BreinKennis Leiden

  • BreinKennis Leiden as a scientific centre for knowledge on adolescence offers materials which can be used in class. Topics include 'risk taking behaviors in adolescence", "friendships in adolescence", and "Self-image in adolescence". All materials can be downloaded freely.
  •  We also offer lectures, and workshops. 

Kijk in je Brein

  • Kijk in je Brein is a website developed by the Brain and Development Research Center in which we take adolescents on a journey through their own brains. The website is in Dutch.


  • Members of CHANGE Leiden and the Brain and Development Research Center worked with several researchers on a cahier describing state-of-the art research on typical and a-typical behavior in adolescence. The booklet by "Biowetenschap en Maatschappij" is in Dutch and can be downloaded here.