Anna van Duijvenvoorde

Anna is an associate professor at CHANGE Leiden and interested in how brain development relates to adolescent’s decision-making and learning in social contexts. She uses fundamental models to answer applied questions, such as, when do peers increase adolescent risk-taking, and how can adolescents be motivated for school. She regularly works together with academics from other disciplines, to understand how findings on adolescent brain development influence youth law, youth safety, and social resilience. This is also reflected in her membership of the Young Academy Leiden, a platform that brings early career academics together. She values translating scientific findings of brain development to the general public and works together with scientific and societal partners in the NWA NeuroLabNL route on optimal conditions for learning.

Anna's projects at CHANGE Leiden

Learning Together

When and how do changes in different types of social learning emerge during adolescence occur?

Risk-Taking in Youth with ADHD

Does social influence mitigate or increase risk taking in ADHD youth?

Study Buddy

How do relational and classroom characteristics influence adolescents’ learning over time and what are the mechanisms of learning from others?

learning together diaries

Changes in school motivation, social interactions, and mood during the COVID-19 school closures.

Sum Up

How does competition and prosociality shape motivation for cognitive effort in adolescence?

Anna's network and collaborations

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