Christin works as a student assistant at CHANGE Leiden under the supervision of Professor Dr. Berna Güroğlu. She is involved in data clean-up and processing for STUDYBUDDY and SCARS. Currently, she works with sociometric data from the STUDYBUDDY project to better understand how peers relate to each other and the influence this has on how adolescents learn within the classroom. Christin combines the research master’s in Clinical and Health Psychology with the master’s Clinical Psychology at Leiden University. Throughout her thesis projects (Bachelor and Master) she was also involved in fMRI and EEG data collection in projects regarding developmental psychology (Brainlinks  under supervision of Dr. Kiki Zanolie and Changing Minds in Social Anxiety).

Christin's project in collaboration with Change Leiden  

Study Buddy

How do relational and classroom characteristics influence adolescents’ learning over time and what are the mechanisms of learning from others



What are the social-cognitive processes and underlying neurobiology of (chronic-)victims of bullying? 


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