Ili Ma

Ili is an assistant professor at CHANGE Leiden (Leiden University). She received her PhD in 2017 at the Radboud University. She then continued her work as a postdoctoral researcher at the Donders Institute and at New York University. Ili uses computational modelling of behavior and neuroimaging (fMRI) to understand the computational and neurocognitive processes that underlie learning and decision-making during adolescence. These research interests further extend to how these processes of learning and decision-making are affected by psychopathology and adversity. This includes ADHD, Autism, social exclusion, and scarcity.  

Ili's projects at CHANGE Leiden

Learning Together

When and how do changes in different types of social learning emerge during adolescence occur?

Ili's network and collaborations

  • Prof. Dr. Wei Ji Ma
  • Dr.  Cate Hartley 
  • Prof. Dr. Todd Gureckis 
  • Prof. Dr. Alan Sanfey 

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