Kiki Zanolie

Kiki is an assistant professor at CHANGE Leiden at Leiden University. Kiki’s research focuses on neurocognitive development and the role of social relations and social status on prosocial decision making, executive functions, and risk-taking in gifted and typically developing children and adolescents. She studies these processes using techniques such as Event Related Potentials (ERPs) and fMRI. Kiki received a personal grant from the AXA Research Fund to investigate the neural correlates of developmental differences in social cognition during social rejection and risk-taking.

Kiki's projects at Change Leiden 


How do pubertal changes during adolescence influence social and emotional development of gifted (IQ>130) and typically developing children and adolescents? 

Social Status

‘Why not?’ The neural signature of social status in adolescence: implications for sensitivity to rejection and risk-taking.

Kiki's network and collaborations 

Research partners

Societal partners

  • Incontexto; clinical practice for diagnostics and therapy of (presumably) gifted children
  • StichtingIQ+; platform for professionals and parents of gifted children

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