Lineke Ouwerkerk

Lineke is a PhD candidate at Stockholm University. Her project is an international collaboration between the unit Developmental and Educational Psychology at the Institute of Psychology at Leiden University and at the Department of Psychology at Stockholm University.

In 2020, she completed two research masters: Neurosciences and Philosophy of Neurosciences, both at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. From May 2020 until December 2021 she worked as a research assistant. Together  with Sanne Kellij (PhD student) and Prof dr. Berna G├╝roglu she worked on the Social Cognitions and Attention for Victims (SCARS) project, in which they focused on the effects of bullying on brain development in children. 

Lineke's PhD project is focused on the neurodevelopmental dynamics of social threat regulation, which includes the role of peers, hormones and brain development. She will conduct several studies, among which are a psychophysiological and a large-scale fMRI study. Her supervisors are: dr. Armita Golkar (promotor, Stockholm University) and dr. Marieke Bos (co-promoter, Universiteit Leiden). 

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What are the neurodevelopmental dynamics of social threat regulation? 

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