Nathalie van Kordelaar

Nathalie is a PhD candidate at CHANGE Leiden under supervision of Dr. Kiki Zanolie and Dr. Marieke Bos. She  studied Educational Sciences at the University of Amsterdam and is a specialist in gifted education (ECHA - Center for Gifted Research at the Radboud University of Nijmegen). Nathalie is a remedial education generalist and has a private practice in diagnostics and therapy of (presumably) gifted children. Nathalie‚Äôs PhD project focuses on the role of puberty and individual differences on social and emotional development in gifted and typically developing children and adolescents. In addition, she investigates the impact of fulltime ability grouping on self-concept. 

Nathalie's projects At Change Leiden  


How do pubertal changes during adolescence influence social and emotional development of gifted (IQ>130) and typically developing children and adolescents? 


In collaboration with Incontexto (clinical practice for gifted children)

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